A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a wave shooting game with simple mechanics and hopefully soon a trapping mechanic, (The game is also quite basic and buggy as it was quite an old project).

Updated 28 days ago
AuthorThe Two Rooks
Tags32bit, wave-shooter

Install instructions

To install make sure to install python 3.4.4 onto your computer or a similar version, then type cmd into the search bar, then type 'pip install wheel' and then type 'pip install pygame',to run the program you then either double click on the .py files or right click, press edit with IDLE and then F5, if this does not work contact me or the internet with the error


Gunpoint 2.zip 59 MB


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You no longer need to have python to run the game

This game has been removed because it was uploaded as many separate files instead of a zip. Violating rule 6.

Feel free to resubmit if you upload your game properly.

--Awful Jams Staff

I shall resubmit my game

Too late. Jam is over.

well, now I am sad. I'll just go crawl up and die

The game says it is not compatible with windows for some reason so just download it through the website and install with the readme instructions.